Our Vision


United in Spirit, and grounded in the Divine, we are a beacon of light for the world.​

We believe that all people are created in the image of God, and that within all is the potential for good--our light. When we bring our individual lights together in Spirit, we form a brilliant light that illuminates our respective spiritual paths.

Our Mission


We are one Community, looking within, reaching out, practicing the principles of love.

We are a diverse spiritual community practicing the principles as taught and demonstrated by Christ Jesus. We honor all spiritual paths and cherish the uniqueness of every person who enters our doors. We are glad you are here!

Our intent is to present positive, progressive, and practical lessons with uplifting and spirit enhancing music during our Sunday Celebration Services, as well as for special services throughout the year. Our mission expands beyond the Sanctuary into classrooms, families, work places and the world.  We invite you to join us in expressing your divine potential and raising the spiritual consciousness of our planet.