Our annual Fall Faith program is an opportunity to move deeper into spiritual faith, study, practice and community. For seven weeks, beginning October 1, our Sunday morning services and Thursday evening classes will be dedicated to living in “wealthfulness”, a term coined by Unity author, Eric Butterworth. 
Butterworth asserts, “Prosperity is a way of living and thinking, and not just money or things.” His sage advice is to “establish yourself in the unassailable conviction that the free flow of substance can only be dammed up from within and that no one can keep your good from you by you.” In the introduction of the primary text for our Fall Faith program, Spiritual Economics, Butterworth writes that “as you become conscious of the laws of spiritual economics, you can effect some really dramatic life changes ‘from indigence to affluence.’” Thus begins our exploration of the Divine Abundance everywhere.
Invite your friends to join us for an experiential exploration of Divine Abundance by participating in our Fall Faith program at their own level of interest, including Sunday services, online audio lessons, personal book study, prayer, Thursday Night Circles and a Community Harvest Pot Luck and Auction. It’s as easy as taking this flyer and sharing it with a friend. 
Mark your calendar now for “Living in Wealthfulness” and to participating in these Fall Faith programs:
     Sunday Series    Oct 1 - Nov 12
   Thursday Circles    Oct 5 - Nov 16
    Community Harvest Event    Friday, Nov 17 6:00
Our 2017 Fall Faith program will introduce you to practical principles to prosper and thrive in all areas of your life.  


Current and Upcoming Classes

Interested in teaching a class or workshop here at Unity of Bay City?  We'd like to know more!  Please fill out a Class & Event Proposal Form (found below) and return to the office at least 6 weeks ahead of your anticipated start date.  

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