​​Core Values

These are the five characteristics that our ministry most values, and how we endeavor to practice them as individuals and as a community.

Loving:  We express divine harmony as the attracting power of the universe that connects all things.  

As a community, we practice this value:

1. We welcome newcomers into our community and greet everyone in love.  
2. We embrace our oneness by celebrating our diversity.                 
3. We recognize and express love as the harmonizing energy in all things.

As an individual, I practice this value: 

1. I always look for the good in others and speak well of them.                   
2. I practice self-love and connection to the divine through prayer and meditation. 
3. I lovingly share my time, talents and treasures with my spiritual community. 

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Affirming:  We affirm the Truth of all Life, knowing that God the Good is in all things.  

As a community, we practice this value:

1. We recognize and give thanks for the abundant good flowing through our community                                                                                        and in our personal lives.
2. We create opportunities to affirm our good as one voice in celebration together.             
3. We honor the universal truths of all spiritual paths.

As an individual, I practice this value:
1. I use affirming thoughts & actions to create the world in which I live.                            
2. I look to see the beauty of the Universe expressed in all people and circumstances.  
3. I practice authenticity in my relationships, knowing that who I am is a divine expression. 
4. I value our community affirmations and apply them in my life.
5. I practice mindfulness to notice my thoughts and choose my beliefs.

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Empowering:  We encourage each person to express their unique divinity.

As a community we practice this value:

1. We provide youth and adult education programs that inspire positive living.
2. We encourage people to express their unique talents through volunteerism.    
3. We offer prayer and meditation to create deeper awareness of our Divinity.

As an individual, I practice this value:

1. I take responsibility for my own behaviors, thoughts, experiences and actions. 
2. I volunteer my time and talents to support others and make a difference in my world.     
3. I commit to realize my full potential and support others to do the same.

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Joyful:  We celebrate life with heart-felt delight and blissful gratitude.  

As a community we practice this value:

1. We create fun opportunities for all generations to celebrate life, love and                                                                                                     abundance with one another.
2. We express joy through music and fellowship in our community celebrations.
3. We greet everyone with an enthusiastic energy of gratitude and appreciation. 

As an individual I practice this value:

1. I create joy in my relationships, my work and my life.                                                                                                          
2. I joyously participate in celebrations and fellowship opportunities with my                                                                                                     spiritual community.
3. I recognize and appreciate the simple joys in life. 

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Seekers of Divinity Within:  ​We open our hearts and minds to experience a deeper awareness of our own sacredness.  

As a community, we practice this value:     

1. We take time in the silence to be guided by the inner voice of  spirit.                                                
2. Our community activities include prayer.
3. Our Sunday celebrations encourage reflection to discover practical tools for                                                                                                   spiritual living.

As an individual, I practice this value:         

1. I give myself daily time to connect with the divine through prayer and                                                                                                           meditation.                                                 
2. I participate in classes and programs that support my spiritual growth. 
3. I practice service with loving kindness as an expression of my inner divinity                                                                                                     and true purpose.

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Seekers of Divinity Within