During this time when many events and businesses are closing, Unity of Bay City will remain open for our regular office hours and Sunday Services. Classes will be held as scheduled.  Check with your group leader if you are unsure about group meetings. 

Sunday Services will be on our Facebook page Live at 10:30am as scheduled. If you don’t feel comfortable coming to church, we hope you will join us on Facebook.

During the service, we will change just a few things.

  • For our meet and greet we encourage everyone to just smile and wave at each other instead of handshakes and hugs. If you don’t mind hugging and handshakes, ask permission from the person first. Smiling and waving is a lot of fun though!
  • We will have servers to dish up the goodies at our potlucks. There are numerous washrooms and plenty of soap for hand washing prior to enjoying our potlucks and other hospitality.

Unity teaches a powerful, positive and a practical path to Whole-Life living…

In our physical world right now, we are in a what is called a crisis of a viral pandemic. The danger to our physical bodies could be life-threatening if we contract this virus. However, the greatest danger to our world right now is the fear of the flu.

Unity teaches a positive, practical approach to life, knowing that our spiritual life supports our physical life, they are One. That is most apparent when we are facing big challenges in our physical world and we take practical steps in a life-affirming and positive way.

When we live from a Whole-Life perspective knowing our Spiritual self supports and guides our physical self and our outer actions, we can create a life we love, a life we consciously and mindfully choose each day. Then if the unexpected happens we can tap into our strong foundation of faith.

From that positive, life affirming place here are some practical ways to avoid thoughts of fear and physical safety precautions:

Before you go anywhere pray from a place of faith, setting aside fear. Affirm that you have a healthy immune system, healthy body, healthy mind. Be grateful for your inner guidance.  Check your fear at the door!

  • Pay Attention…to your own intuition in where to go and not go, do or not do. In other words…Be Mindful.
  • Pay Attention to your surroundings. Just walk away if someone is coughing or sneezing near you.
  • Stay home if you are feeling ill. Contact your health care professional sooner rather than later.
  • Wash your hands frequently - is also the friction of rubbing your hands together for at least 2-3 minutes that cleans them.
  • Keep all tooth brushes separate. Boil them or get a new one if you or a family member has been sick.
  • Disinfect door knobs and counter tops frequently.

How you take these practical steps makes all the difference!

When you go about these outer tasks, do so mindfully, peacefully, and with faith in your own good health and the health of all beings.

We affirm our faith in health of body and mind. We over-ride our fearful thoughts by taking time to listen to our intuition and take action accordingly.

We remain grateful for our healthy thoughts, healthy body, and our healthy and strong immune systems.