Event Space              Seating Capacity                     Rates *
Main Auditorium         seats 134 (up to 150)               1-4 hrs $200, 4-8 hrs $400
Social Hall                  seats 72 (up to 100)                 1-4 hrs $200, 4-8 hrs $300
Education Classroom   seats 15-40                             1-4 hrs $200, 4-8 hrs $300
Activity Room             seats 15-20                             1-4 hrs $100, 4-8 hrs $200
Outreach Room           seats 10-25                             negotiable
Library                        seats 6-8                                negotiable 
Nursery Care Room**                                                 negotiable

 * Room rates are discounted 50% for hosts who regularly attend Unity of Bay City. Other discounts may be negotiated for official not-for-profit organizations. 

** Our Nursery Care Room is available to certified child-care providers and for up to 12 children 

To view a Facility Use Application Form, click on
this link.
To view our Facility Rental Obligations, click on
this link.
To view our Hold Harmless Agreement, click on
this link.

If your group will be needing to use our sound equipment, we do have trained sound technicians who will be available to work with you and manage sound on the day of your event. For an extra fee, we can record your event and make additional copies on CD. 
Sound Technician: $25/hour
Recording Fee: $50 includes 2 copies of CD

Our Auditorium and Education Classroom also feature built in projectors with wall screens to run power point presentations or videos at your event.

Unity of Bay City opens its doors to a variety of people, events, groups and classes utilizing our facilities. The Center is currently accommodating up to 6 events a day and 3 events running concurrently, with capacity for many more. We are conveniently located within one block of the Bay City Mall, in easy walking distance to hotel and shopping amenities.  

Our staff provides hospitable and personable “customer-friendly” service. They go out of their way to make everyone feel comfortable and at home.  

The many and diverse people and groups who have held events at Unity of Bay City include:
          York Industries, Girl Scouts of Mid-Michigan, Bay Area Community of Mindfulness,                         Bay Area Circle of Self-Realization Fellowship, Perceptions, LGBT Harmony Diversity                   Choir, Yoga with Jackie, private parties and 12-step groups.  

We invite you to experience holding your next event at Unity of Bay City. Please contact     Joan Wayne at (989) 686-0265 or office@unityofbaycity with any questions, or for further information.