The Unity Identity Project 

By Rebecca Dunn       

Since late 2010, Unity of Bay City has been a participant in the Unity Identity Project, or more commonly known as the Branding Initiative.  We were part of the second wave of Unity Centers to join with Unity Worldwide Ministries in presenting a cohesive look and message to the world.

Chuck Pettis of Brand Solutions conducted extensive research within and outside of the Unity movement. What he found is that our message most connects with women (51% of the population), cultural creatives (50 million+ people), and those who identify as “spiritual, but not religious” (one of the fastest growing groups of spiritual seekers).

Unity has a message that people desire. We know from our own experience that we teach principles that can help shape lives in positive ways. By building a brand identity, we speak with the entire Unity movement in a unified voice and present a cohesive visual message, making it easier for those who may be seeking to find us. In a spirit of oneness we can present ourselves in a powerful way.

With the help of Brand Solutions Unity has developed a powerful positioning statement that says, “Unity offers practical, spiritual teachings that empower abundant and meaningful living.”  You’ve probably often seen the phrase “a positive path for spiritual living” in our literature, usually in tandem with our logo. This is the most concise way you can present Unity to others. When someone asks, “What is Unity?” you now know how to respond.

Other ideas we wish to convey about Unity are that

  • We believe that prayer works.
  • We help people discover and live their spiritual purpose and potential.
  • We encourage personal initiative and authentic growth.
  • We help people have a stronger connection to God every day.
  • Our centers have inspiring ministers and empowered leaders to build healthy communities and engage in spiritual social action. 
  • Unity provides a positive alternative to negative religious experiences.
  • We provide a philosophy that is spiritual, not religious; one that is love-based, not fear-based.
  • We have a holistic approach to spiritual life.
  • We honor all paths to God.
  • We are inclusive and open-minded.
  • We believe in making a positive difference in the world.
  • We believe in being a positive example and role model.

By now, you are familiar with our new logo (visible on the sign in front of our facility, and on all of our printed literature) which displays the Unity name in large letters and the smaller city designator below. This is the standard logo used by all project participants. You may have also noticed a change in the way we speak about ourselves, using terms like center, community, ministry and celebration rather than church, congregation and service. Everything from the photographic images we choose to the very specific color palette we use is intentional and done so that we emotionally connect with our target audience.

And it’s working! We’re offering more programs, classes, and workshops than ever before and are drawing new members to our community who have become dissatisfied with the negativity and fear in their former churches and are looking for a new, fresh, and truly different alternative. There’s a renewed energy here at Unity of Bay City. I’ve felt it, you’ve felt it, and now we are drawing others who feel and want to be part of it. They see the positive differences in you and are attracted to that same joy and peace of mind that you’ve experienced. They hear the excitement in your voice and want to feel inspired, too. They see you walking taller and with confidence and they want to become more empowered. Most importantly, they desire that which every heart seeks – the acceptance and connection that comes from the Love that you’ve discovered here at Unity of Bay City.

One behalf of our Unity of Bay City Communications Team, we would like to thank all of you for your continued support in this ongoing process. We understand that change is difficult sometimes and letting go of old ways of thinking and speaking can be especially so. It is a necessary part of our evolution, though, in order to connect with the people who are seeking what we have to give.

If you would like to know more about the Unity Identity Project or would like to be part of our communications team, contact me or any other member of the team:  Matt Jeffrey, Joan Wayne, Laura Espinosa, John McMahon, Linda Forster, Jeanine Link and Rev. Greg Coles.