Leadership Council  effective 10/1/18

The model of using a Leadership Council to manage administration has been successful for other ministries with a part-time minister, such as Unity of London, Ontario, and Unity of Des Moines, IA. Within larger program sized ministries with a full-time minister, such as Detroit Unity Temple and Renaissance Unity of Detroit, the Leadership Council is made up of paid staff who report to an Administrator. 

The Leadership Council is not a function of the Board, but reports to the Board. This Council is intended to oversee administration for the short-term, or for as long as we have a part-time minister. It’s an experiment for us and subject to change. We will learn, adapt and evolve as we grow through this transition.

The functions of the Leadership Council and persons currently appointed to fill those roles at Unity of Bay City are: 

                               * Chair – TBD (may also be the Board Liaison) 

                              * UBC Volunteer Coordinator, supporting Volunteer teams - OPEN

                              * Classes – Nancy Berdasco

                              * Special Events - Traci Bliss

                              * Sunday Coordinator – Nancy Berdasco

                              * Staff & HR, including room rentals – Terri Newcomb 

                              * Youth Ministry – OPEN