Reflecting Poolwith Reverend Greg Coles, M.Div

June 2017

Is the garden of your life full of beautiful buds and blossoms, or has it become overgrown with vines that need pruning and encroaching weeds that need digging?  Is it barren? Does it require some fresh soil or compost? How have you let your garden grow?

The spring garden is a metaphor for our lives, and the quality of our life will depend on the thoughts that we sew and let grow there.  Jesus used the metaphor of the vine to represent God, and we, its many branches that require pruning. So with our patches of garden in the great community garden of planet earth, what thoughts do we sew and let grow?

Am I rich, or am I poor?  Am I a victim of life that happens to me, or am I a  creator of life lived through me?  What thoughts am I feeding, and what weeds might be taking hold and require some digging to root out? 

If all of life is one big garden the question to ask is not if our garden makes a difference,  but what difference our garden is making for the many lives that we touch.  At Unity of Bay City we endeavor to grow a garden that reflects our core values, with thoughts that are loving, affirming, empowering, and joyful.  As we allow these thoughts to take action, through shared spiritual awakening we are contributing to the transformation of our world.  Our garden is a place of transformation for seekers of divinity within.

If you have not recently looked at your garden of life, now may be the perfect time for spring pruning and planting, perhaps even some digging, weeding and composting. Let’s co-create a garden where all things work for good, radiating beauty and life for all to enjoy.

Happy gardening,