May 2017

Reflecting Poolwith Reverend Greg Coles, M.Div

Reflecting on the Metaphysics of our Bible and the transition from Adam consciousness to a Christ consciousness, I recognize that the path of evolution is not a linear one. Like the story of Moses and the Israelites in the book of Exodus, my personal story is not about arriving into the promised land, but about the journey itself.  Sometimes I feel I am moving forward and, there are times I am not, but always there is a forward evolution. 

The seasons themselves are a wonderful reminder that life is cyclical in nature and not a linear progression. And, over time, as each season approaches, I become more aware of what to expect.  I am  more equipped and more willing to appreciate the transient nature of each season. 

Therefore, when I enter a season of spring, with new growth and opportunities, I recognize that there are bold choices and risks taking place.  The season will include both a fear of failure, and an excited anticipation of what might be possible.  So, too, in the season of endings, sadness can be anticipated, along with the wisdom that this, too, will pass, and that this experience will make me stronger. 

In his book, “Of Time and Eternity,” James Dillet Freeman writes:

To live is to change. Nothing alive stands still. A tree may rest in winter, but only to grow again in the spring. 

May we remember that each season offers us a greater capacity to grow and expand. Each cycle is another opportunity to evolve from our limitations of the past to an ever evolving awareness of our eternal abundance.

This spring, our Sunday Celebration series is “Let’s Get Metaphysical,” an invitation to examine the Metaphysical meaning of the Bible as a reflection of our own evolution.  And, for those who are interested in learning how our Christian Bible was created, there is a 10 week Bible History class on Thursday evenings, May 25-July27.  

Wherever you are on the journey of evolving spiritual consciousness, you are not alone. We share our unique journeys together, in Unity and in oneness. 

Eternal Blessings,