Our Minister

After an extensive and divinely guided minsterial search process in 2010, Unity

of Bay City selected Reverend Greg Coles to serve as its new senior minister

effective October 1, 2010.  Here is a brief biography that references some of

Reverend Greg's background, spiritual values and personal mission - qualities

that indicate we have drawn to ourselves the perfect Christ-centered leader

for this time in our history.

Reverend Greg's personal mission is to co-create an inclusive and loving

community that provides practical tools to equip and inspire people to

become all they are created to be.  His vision is a world of peace, harmony

and abundance for all.   

Born in southern Ontario, Canada, Rev. Greg was provided a Catholic upbringing
.  He was actively engaged with his church as reader, singer, youth leader, and minister of the Eucharist.  As Greg grew older, he became less satisfied with creed and dogma and chose a more personal spiritual path that included Buddhism, Sufism, and transendental meditation.  After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Waterloo, where his focus of study was humanity arts, Rev. Greg moved to Houston, Texas to follow his passion for music and theater.  In 1991 he began a successful career with the American Express Company where he soon was promoted to Corporate Project Manager.  That same year, Rev. Greg was guided to Unity Church of Christianity, a vibrant spiritual community of about 2,000 members led by senior minister Reverend Howard Ceasar.  Rev. Greg knew he found his spiritual home.

Among the many volunteer roles that Rev. Greg served during his years at Unity of Houston, he says the most personally rewarding were prayer chaplain, platform assistant, soloist, and director of the Unity Players for an alternative service, Wednesday Night Live.  The alternative service program that Greg participated in increased its average Wednesday attendance from 20 people to 200.  As the ministry continued to grow, a successful capital campaign was launched and completed to build a beautiful new facility they moved into in 2004, serving an average of 1500 members each Sunday.

In 2005 Rev. Greg moved to Kansas to serve as the Director of Volunteers and Worship of Unity of Overland Park, coordinating the Sunday experience for more than 700 people each week.  He was responsible for serving more than 200 volunteers and 25 teams and was the staff liaison for key strtegic initiatives including a ministry-wide Vision-Quest, Volunteer Appreciation events, and Fall Faith celebrations.

Rev. Greg earned his Master of Divinity in the Ministry and Religious Studies program of Unity Institute in December 2009 and was ordained by the Association of Unity Churches International in February 2010.  Through the divinely guided ministerial search process, he found a new spiritual home with Unity of Bay City, where he and his partner, John, are just hours away from their family in Canada.  They are proud grandparents of two granddaughters, Brianna and Lauryn.